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Striped Linerless labels

A reel of continuous linerless self-adhesive material, cut by special labellers at the moment of application to the required label length.

It is typically used in primary decoration where its versatility defines brand new application frontiers.

Thanks to top, 2 sides, 3 sides or wrapping application on irregular and soft surfaces linerless labels are ideal in all markets, with best application in the food one: fresh food, meat, fish, bottles, glass, multipacks, shrink wrapped bundles.

Label shape can only be squared or rectangular.

A reel of linerless material contains up to 110% more labels than a reel of traditional material of the same diameter. This drastically reduces the time the operator dedicates to changing reels and machine downtime


Linerless labels cost less than traditional self-adhesive labels


The same number of labels has lower transport, storage and disposal costs


The absence of liner has important ecological consequences. According to Google one of the five words which are most clicked on in the world is Ecology.

Urged by public opinion and legislators, the market is becoming more environment conscious in its choices. In some European countries there is funding for companies that can show they are pursuing low impact objectives in their production cycles.

Consequently investing in R&D of sustainable products is becoming a definite business opportunity

LINERLESS meets these requirements while guaranteeing significant added value.

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We work with the main industry sectors