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Warning tactile labels

In accordance with EN 272 European regulation, manufacturers of easy or high inflammable substances, toxicants, irritants, harmful and corrosive substancesmust provide the relevant packagings with a specific warning tactile symbol, in order to allow people with visual handicaps to recognize these substances.

Arca Etichette can offer a practical and effective solution to comply with this regulation: a self-adhesive label with an EMBOSSED EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE, to be applied on the primary packagings of the products involved in the regulation. In accordance with the regulation, the triangle can be reproduced in two different models: 18 mm side or 9 mm side. The application of one model instead of the other is at complete discretion of the manufacturer, whereas it is important to underline that the embossing shall compulsorily be 0,25 to 0,5 mm thick.

With regard to vertical cylindrical packagings (cans, spray cans, bottles) the triangle upper vertex shall be positioned within 50 mm from the base. On horizontal packagings such as boxes, the small triangle shall be as near the opening system as possible.

Arca can provide labels made of plastic material (polyethyle, polyester, polypropylene, PVC), showing the warning triangle with 18 or 9 mm side printed in EMBOSSED TRASPARENT INK. The overall dimensions of these labels are minimum so that they can be easily applied on any point of the packaging without modifying the product image. Thanks to their look-through they can also be overlaid on a code bar without affecting its legibility.

Personalized solutions are obviously available, requiring the use of different materials and sizes. As a matter of fact, keeping its dimensions unvaries, the embossed triangle can be printed on labels of any size and characteristics.

Arca can also provide a wide range of labelling solutions, an outstanding example of which is the “AIR JET” system (an air blow eliminating the contact between labelling machine and product) capable of attaining outputs up to 300 pieces per minute (label pitch 30 mm).

This system provides an IP55 protection level can be supplied, if necessary, in a “non-stop” configuration in order to guarantee an absolutely continuous application. In this case the system consists of two electronically coordinated labelling machines to avoid dead times due to coil replacement or breakage of the label supporting band.

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