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Chiesi Vendor Day 2022: Arca Etichette wins “We excel in Innovation and Collaboration” award

The 16th of November 2022, Arca Etichette Spa received the “Supplier Awards” 2022 as “We Excel in Innovation and Collaboration” from Chiesi Group, an international biopharmaceutical group, a reward to the best partners who have particularly distinguished themselves in their relationship with the company.

“We are honored of the Supplier Award received from a longstanding partnership in the supply of self-adhesive labels; partnership reinforced by a common business vision, based on sustainability. Chiesi has been a clear example for us of this new business model, so we became a Benefit Corporation in 2021 and obtained the B Corp certification in 2022. Now we work to extend this path to other partners to evolve into a shared value chain.” said Roberto Sala, Chief Operating Officer and Sustainability Manager of Arca Etichette Spa.

Specifically, “Collaboration” means the actions implemented with the necessary flexibility, to safeguard against the production disruption in 2022, a high risk of the production chains in the face of the inconstant availability of materials, in particular self-adhesives.

We worked diligently to mitigate the consequences of this unforeseen event and beyond our control, thanks to our vast base of suppliers, the excellent relationships with them, strengthened by our financial strength which also allows us extraordinary operations.

The award ceremony took place at the Chiesi Vendor Day, an event launched in 2019, at the Group’s Headquarters in Parma: “is an opportunity for dialogue on fundamental issues for the continuous evolution of our ecosystem, in a process of mutual learning and development.”, Chiesi Group Global Procurement Head Guido D’Agostino said and that “as a Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp, we strongly believe in interrelationships, which means that the elements that make up a system are interconnected and depend on each other. A key workflow for Chiesi is related to constantly increasing the sustainability level and reducing the negative impact of its value chain. During this process, a key role is played by our strategic partners.”

This vision is also shared by Arca Etichette which strongly believes in the interdependence within the “Ecosystem” and which is, once again, recognized by an important Partner.