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Arca Etichette Spa supports FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy) by joining the Corporate Golden Donor corporate membership program.

Alongside FAI we want to implement a major protection project that is also an ambitious cultural challenge: to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and bring up our children.

The environmental and cultural patrimony that FAI safeguards and promotes is a unique heritage and fundamental resource in which we must invest in order to revive, develop and promote our wonderful country. Thanks to its numerous supporters – companies and private citizens alike – FAI has been protecting and managing 70 heritage sites in Italy for over 50 years. Sites of historic, artistic and environmental importance have been saved from neglect, restored, protected and opened to the public.

Each day FAI is committed to protecting and giving everyone access to these splendid gems of art, nature and culture scattered throughout the countryside, in cities and around the coastline of our country; to educating and raising awareness among the people of the need to respect and care for art and nature, and to being the spokesperson for the expectations of civil society, supervising and intervening proactively across the country.

We want a more protected beautiful Italy. We work with FAI to build it.