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Open & close labels

Highly efficient even on paper packets!

Many packages, above all in the food sector, need to be reclosed by the end consumer after taking out part of the contents. This is the case of biscuits and cakes, pasta, rice, coffee, grated cheese, loose tea. For these and other perishable goods, it is important to preserve the fragrance of the remaining product in the package.

This particular Open&Close label is made of two layers of plastic. The lower layer has a permanent adhesive, so that it sticks to the packet for ever; whereas the top layer has removable adhesive, so it can be repositioned each time the packet is closed. Moreover it has an easy to hold adhesive-free end.

In addition to being practical to use, an important advantage of the double layer structure is that, before use, the removable glue is protected between two layers of plastic. Unlike single-layer Open&Close labels, where the adhesive is absorbed by the paper losing its efficiency.

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We work with the main industry sectors