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Flebo label

How can a simple self-adhesive label support medical bottles simply and cheaply?

With Arca Flebo-Label! The ideal solution for the pharmaceutical world.

  • It can be applied automatically at high speed.
  • Thanks to its thickness (the same of a normal self-adhesive label), reels containing a large quantity of labels can be produced. Therefore fewer reel change-overs and greater productivity.
  • Two versions of the Flebo-Label exist: with simply raisable hook or with raisable and slidable hook.
  • It can be made with different materials (transparent and white) fit for the usage.
  • When blank (not printed), the Flebo-Label can be applied over the standard decoration of the bottle.
  • It can be printed with flexo, silk-screen, off-set (traditional or digital) or combination.
  • The Flebo-Label is a simple self-adhesive label made with readily available materials. Consequently it is more convenient than any other label for ”suspending”.
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We work with the main industry sectors