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Anti-violation labels

The problems


Violation and counterfeiting of branded goods by embezzlers and swindlers represents a remarkable potential risk for the image of manufacturing companies. Although the cases of fraudulent adulteration of consumption products have so far been limited (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic sectors), consumers recognize and appreciate the products and the packagings protecting them against this risk.


Another aspect of the problem concerns the violation of packagings or multiple packagings for theft purpose, an increasingly frequent occurrence both during distribution (transportation and storage) and at the outlet. These thefts penalize retailers, customers and in particular manufacturers in terms of costs and above all of image.

The solutions

To face the problem Arca Etichette’s proposal is the application of a safety label to the packagings or to the product itself so that any violation can be easily picked out. The so-called anti-violation labels adhere permanently to the product, otherwise they will self destruct. Practically their peculiarity is to prevent any removal or repositioning, thus ensuring evidence of any violation.

Ultra-destroyable labels: 

made of more or less fragile synthetic or natural materials which easily tear up in case of removal. However please consider that the more fragile, the more effective as regards materials, but also the more difficult as regards handling and automatic application of the label.

Pre-bundled labels: 

featuring a series of cuts on the paper or synthetic printed support (e.g. tax discs used for Swiss highways) easily breaking up in case of any attempt of illegal removal.

Void labels: 

if removed, they partially leave their white or colour on the product, marking the protected product with the standard writing “Void” or any other custom-made word. Even if such writings on the product should be removed, when the label is repositioned, it would show the same warning in negative.

Wipe-out labels: 

the truly innovative, patented proposal by Arca Etichette to cope with the problem of violation. This label consists of two layers, the upper layer made of see-through, plastic material while the lower one is made of a destroyable material. The upper plastic layer ensures the practical handling and automatic application of the label. Once applied, the lower layer strongly adheres to the surface of the product to be protected (in case of test, wait 24 hours before removing the label so that adhesive can completely adhere).

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