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Self-adhesive “COUPON” labels are the most functional and appropriate solution to triplicate the space offered by a standard promotional label!
Arca “COUPON”, available in any shape and dimension, offers three folds for your promotions: coupons, scores, games, competitions, picture cards and any other extra information about the product and its manufacturer.

To get the message, the consumer has to “play” with the “COUPON“, removing the cover. Two different opening types are available, using one or two perforations or, as an alternative, glues with different kinds of adhesive strenght. The “COUPON” can be newly closed or have a removable cover and can be re-applied on any other surface.

Maximum creativity

  • no limit to colour
  • promotional adhesives can be applied on the base label or on the back of the cover
  • there’s also the possibility to hide, inside the coupon, a picture card, possibly adhesive with its support (coupon-card) that makes a third layer of the paper structure
  • the base label can be a “multipack” type for application on multiple packaging
  • progressive numbering
  • it can be further personalised adding variable data
  • laminated cover to make it shiny and protect it

Sophisticated Anticounterfeiting techniques to protect your investment

  • safety inks (UV-flourescent, thermo chromatic, magnetic)
  • safety paper (watermark)
  • prismatic decorations and holograms

Practical and functional, appreciated also by manufacturing staff

  • it can be automatically applied with any contact or air-blow labelling machine
  • it neither limits the production nor reduces output
  • it can be applied on standard packages, without modifying them
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We work with the main industry sectors