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A great promotion in a small size

Do you want to make your product speak and highlight your promotions to make your distinctive mark thus communicating with consumers in an unusual way? Then the original solution to your needs is Collar-in, created and offered by Arca Etichette. It is an automatically applicable multipage collar capable of providing you with a valuable space for your most creative graphic ideas.

The message

Hidden between the Collar-in pages, every message becomes more captivating. As before finding it, the consumer plays, tears, rubs out, wins, finds out scented recipes, writings or drawings, money-off vouchers and  promotional messages.


The Collar-in can be applied with accuracy and reliability directly on line, in a fully automatic manner, with no production slowdowns. The equipment can be installed on existing lines; a Non Stop configuration is also available. This solution allows feeding your production line, equipping it with two reels, this avoiding costly production slowdowns.

We work with the main industry sectors

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We work with the main industry sectors