Arca Etichette takes on a precise commitment: to promote projects for our community. For this reason we have decided to support the solidarity campaign of ABIO the Association for the child in the hospital of Magenta. This organization was created in Milan in 1978 to assist children staying in the hospital. Today children, adolescents and parents can count on ABIO throughout Italy: 5,000 trained volunteers, organized into 67 local Associations present in over 200 pediatric wards.

ABIO volunteers take care of children from the time they arrive at the hospital when the impact with the unknown environment is most traumatic, helping them deal with pain, the new setting, and being far from people and places they know. In the playroom, the patients’ rooms and hallways ABIO is there with its smiling volunteers to involve the children, play, listen, and even give support to their parents.

Our donation will be used for projects aimed at welcoming children and their families in the pediatric ward of Magenta.

A contribution that is important to us and we hope that will give a smile to these children.