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A new co-evolution paradigm

As a Benefit Corporation, Arca Etichette has as its aim, in addition to profit, the generation of shared economic and social value, under the banner of responsibility and transparency. We use business as a positive force for the creation of value for the community and the biosphere. To achieve this, we are committed to making our supply chain increasingly eco-friendly, from suppliers to customers, to pursue the same ethics.

Together with Chiesi Farmaceutici, an international biopharmaceutical group, we are working in precisely this direction. In 2023, Chiesi, a certified B Corp Benefit Corporation and long-standing customer of Arca, implemented an internal supply chain assessment process, “ValueChainEvolution”, based on certain drivers: Economics, Quality, Innovation, Service Level, Sustainability.

This in-depth analysis gave us a score of 85/100, achieving the highest level of Platinum. Specifically, Arca Etichette achieved high performance in the area of Economics with a score of 90/100 and 100/100 in that of Quality, continuing with scores of 80/100 in the Service Level, 86/100 in Innovation and Collaboration and 69/100 in the area of Sustainability.

We are pleased with the important results of such a long-standing partnership and a real ready focused on the improvement plans, including the reduction of our carbon footprint, that may emerge from this activity in our company.