Both raw and auxiliary materials (inks, paints, laminates, etc.) used for each production lot are traced with accuracy.  All self-adhesive primary materials are identified upon receipt by type of front pattern, adhesive and liner, supplier and destination order. At every step of the transformation process, automated optical systems ensure traceability (from the warehouses to the production departments), which is recorded in the order documentation, and specified in detail in the core of each roll of labels. This way, should any non-compliances arise, Arca can immediately trace back the production lots of materials used, to localize faults, isolate potentially defective batches, and deliberately intervene with facts at hand.
In terms of quality management, the traceability system for materials is totally integrated with the logistical management of inventories: when production starts, the precise quantities effectively consumed are recorded and automatically downloaded from the warehouses. Maximum efficiency, no waste, and no stock shortages.

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