Securebooklet labels


Securebooklet: The ideal multipage solution for the pharmaceutical industry!

Securebooklet is a self-adhesive label that includes the product’s fact sheet, presented in the form of a convenient easy-to-browse booklet. No more misplaced or lost product fact sheets, and after every reading it can simply be reclosed. However, opening it the first time requires breaking a perforated outline.

Securebooklet’s special paper construction allows for its application even on curved surfaces (containers with a round base) and presents a range of important benefits:
– guarantees that the fact sheet will not be unduly corrected, damaged or replaced with an incorrect fact sheet – even by mistake
– prevents the consultation of information by non-authorized personnel
– lends an impression of security to users; breaking the perforated outline to access the instructions is akin to breaking the seal on a package to access its contents

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