Informational multipages


Additional space for on-pack communication
The original multi-page self-adhesive label creates additional space for information about your company or your products. Typically this might include instruction for use and correct handling, warnings and contra-indications, or information required by legislation. Adaptable to any container type, it is the ideal solution for supplying multilingual messages, making them a part of the product and allowing you to save on additional packaging.

A multipage solution that, in addition to the benefits already described, is bound as a book, in an easy fomat, particularly suitable for large numbers of pages.

Versatile solutions… 

  • – Offset printed leaflet for clear type and excellent four color process
  • – Flexible design and formats, in terms of size and shape
  • – Up to 13 pages (26 sides)
  • – Any number of colours
  • – With glossy and trasparent lamination to protect the leaflet
  • – Printing with variable data
  • – Barcode scanning to ensure leaflet-to-label match
  • – Both progressive and regressive numbering is possible

…and easy to apply

Automatically applied using standards labelling machines without reduction in productivity. Arca offers a complete solution, with label applicators that work both on contact or with an air jet system, adaptable to all needs.

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