Holographic labels


Three dimensions for your most refined labels

Arca specialize in the manufacture of self-adhesive HOLOGRAPHIC labels, showing three-dimensional images “immersed in the rainbow colours” and characterized by the sense of depth, enlivened by a riot of natural or personalized colors coming out when the ray of light comes into contact with the engraved surface.

Arca’s holograms…

  • – Prismatic:
    with bidimensional luminescent effects, usually available as standard product.
  • – Double exposure:
    reproducing – in a bi-three dimensional context – a subject which, according to the angle shot it is observed from, takes two different positions, thus creating amazingly dynamic effects.
  • – Colorgram:
    whereas in normal holograms the subject shows casual colors, in the colorgram the subject’s colors are real. Moreover the colorgram is characterized by a chromatic scale where, from a certain angle shot, fixed in advance, the Magenta color appears thus substantiating the hologram originality.


Special holographic subjects on request, or standard but always personalized
Any logo, drawing, object can be reproduced, once the relevant “Master” (the holographic printing plate) has been created. Alternatively, a wide range of standard holographic materials is available, requiring no master. In both cases the holographic image can be personalized, with limitless printing colours. Special colours, brilliant and vivid, highlighted by the contrast with the holographic surface.

Small-sized holographic decorations…
…can enrich any self-adhesive label manufactured by Arca. Even a back label, in order to avoid counterfeiting, may deserve a holographic “spot” reproducing an image pattern or a register.

Unique images with hardly any possibility of being imitated or counterfeit
Every holographic label is a real safety element. As a matter of fact, without the relevant holographic printing plate (master) it is practically impossible to reproduce an identical copy of an original hologram, with very high costs thus making counterfeiting absolutely uneconomic. For the most sophisticated safety requirements, ARCA can provide labels made of special holographic material, manufactured and guaranteed by the Government Printing Office. HIGH SAFETY holograms (cryptograms and secret code holograms) containing hidden information invisible to the naked eye and detectable by means of suitable devices.

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