Durable labels


Labels made with unusual materials and adhesives: polyesters, polyamides, kapton and other films, specially designed to resist mechanical, chemical and physical stress of every kind.

Ideal for labelling durables, such as: small and large household appliances and tools, telephone and communication equipment; computer hardware, components and accessories for motor vehicles, electronic, electromechanical and electropneumatic devices.

Arca offers complete solutions, guaranteeing total compatibility between the various components of the marking systems: printers and thermal transfer ribbons, software for graphics management and, of course, & the best durable labels. Customized projects to satisfy each specific need, using the necessary components and know-how to guarantee:

  • – ribbon compatibility, with both the label and the printer head
  • – bar-code legibility
  • – printing resistance to stress (also certified CSA-UL)
  • – resistance of labels even on critical surfaces
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