Arca is made up of two divisions: the Label division and labeling Systems division, marking and identification systems division. A sector that specializes in both segments, machines and materials, for self adhesive labels technology.

Arca’s systems division features industrial labeling systems for labeling machine manufacturers, label machines, manual label applicators, labeling equipment, manual labelling machine, automatic labeler, label machine for bottles, bottle label makers, bottle labeler, bottle label applicators, label applicators. A host of cable labelers and label dispensers, including labelling systems and wire labeling machine.

The labelmaker division consists of graphics and processing deals with adhesive labels printing (including selfadhesive sticker labels and sticker printing), specifically the printing of lables in reels, sticker printing and custom stickers. Industrial labels for any need and especially die cut labels (any shape; even round labels) for embellishing and decorating a wide range of products: product labels, bottle labeling, labels for bottles, bottle labels, beer bottle labels, beer labels using a beer label maker, for liquors and spirits (transparent adhesive clear labels are very common on bottles), labels for cold meats, jams, preserves and generally all food labels packages, pharmaceuticals, drugs, pharma and cosmetics adopting a vial labeling machine. In the packaging industry, adhesive product labels colored and enriched with hot decals, painted and embossing relief are on any packaging, directing customers to necessary information and providing visibility and appeal. But the decorations on the package are not the only use for a self adhesive label, which is actually also designed for a variety of different functions, such as promoting products (multi-page labels, Fix-a-Form, collars, Auto-Collarin, coupons, Autoflag, etc.). Or for security (tamper proof labels, burglar proof security labels and anti-counterfeit forgery labels). Not to mention the durable identification of technology products (including labels for cables and wiring) blank labels and labells for textiles; printable labels, sticker paper, sticker printing, technical labels, true and variable sticky labels, designed to last and resist high stress conditions.
Lables also play an essential and important role in logistics, and for a barcode generator, thanks to package closing labels, barcode labels, price labels, thermal labels, address labels and shipping labels. In the area of logistics, but generally all industrial production processes, it is essential for users of self-adhesive label to print directly, or at least personalize labels (print barcodes and flexibly manage all variable data using a barcode label maker) as needed and for their own production cycle (a very common application, for instance, in food labels for printing); an essential solution to guarantee the necessary flexibility (availability of the right label at the right time) and reduced stocking of labels.
Label personalization or custom labels can be performed by end users using different technologies and a thermal label printer; in fact, an important role in Arca production lies in thermal transfer label rolls, printer labels (specifically Zebra and Sato labels) and, generally, labels to be printed.
Materials used to produce self adhesive labels differ greatly and allow for the creation of labels in reels in any paper material (matt paper, satin, glossy, metallic, aged, brittle, water-soluble paper, etc.), adhesive vinyl labels and even plastic labels; specifically PVC labels, polyester labels, polypropylene, polyethylene, Kapton, and even labels in magnetic materials. These materials can be equipped with many different adhesives, permanent or removable (to create repositionable labels); adhesives and glues for cold or high temperature surfaces, humid or contaminated by a variety of substances.
Regarding workmanship processes, labels machine can print labels in flexography, screen printing, lithography, mixed media and digital printing for toner transfer or inkjet labels.
The broad range of printing techniques and materials used allows for the production of personalized adhesive labels, which in turn requires a significant background in technology, and only extensive experience can enable users to know how to print adhesive and custom label printing. Obviously, just like any other market, the labellers market is currently also overcrowded; searching on the Internet for “label printing” the long list of potential manufacturers appears. However few among them can boast of possessing real technical knowhow; not everyone has knowledge on how to make labels. Arca prints adhesives in Milan and markets labels throughout Italy and in various countries worldwide, as well as selling labels online.
Recently, through a subsidiary, Arca has also initiated the production of thermo Shrink Sleeve labels. An innovative embellishment system, consisting of a tubular film (welded tube-shaped) that is slid onto the product and shrink wrapped, also adapting perfectly to irregulary odd shaped containers. A very convenient embellishment system for large surfaces that is especially appreciated on contemporary packaging featuring special shapes. Obviously, the price is affected by the label models; i.e. the size of the shapes, or the format (round labels aren’t more expensive), self-adhesive material used, the number of colors and printing techniques used, and of course, the quantities ordered. A wide range of machinery is used in the food sector, with automatic labeling machines, industrial labelers, can                  labeling machine, bottle labeling machines in production lines with automatic and semi automatic label and labeling machines served by automatic labeling for an automatic bottle labeling machine in an automated production line.
Adhesive labels in rolls (also called adhesive labels in reels or spool adhesive labels) can be applied automatically using special labeling machines (label application machines). The Systems division at Arca designs and manufactures labeling systems, laser marking systems (laser markers) and id systems in general. The synergy between the two divisions, one of which produces consumables and the other machinery, makes Arca the only manufacturer in Italy to promote and offer a complete service, summed up under the catch phrase “labels and labelling”.
The labeler has a key role in the production line. Indeed, the type and brand labeler used often significantly affects productivity and packaging quality.
Arca produces various types of industrial labeling machines for the application of self-adhesive labels in rolls on any packaging: labels for bottles, labels for vials, jerry cans and buckets, for extended format cartons, for bundles, boxes, pallets and for any other packaging.
The labeler can be installed directly on the customer’s production line handling the product to be labeled. Or, for a better labeling result, it can be integrated in a more complete Arca labeling system, i.e. a complete installation, with in addition to the labeler (the label applicator per se) handling devices and special product handling mechanisms: conveyor, conveyor feed belts, spacers, orientation units, stabilizers, ejectors, etc. As a sticker maker and lable maker, with decades of experience and expertise in production and labeling systems, Arca supplies turnkey solutions for a broad range of industry sectors.
Within the many operating and production sectors, special attention is reserved by Arca to the labeling of food products, which requires automated labeling in conditions that satisfy the most stringent hygiene requirements. Indeed, a food labeler, bottle labeler or label applicator used in the food industry, must preferably be made in stainless steel and adopting special techniques that promote easy thorough cleaning.
In the pharmaceutical sector, in addition to the above hygiene requirements, validation procedures in accordance with GAMP standards (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices) are also considered essential, i.e. Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests. Including label applicators capable of minimizing any risk of mix ups; a much appreciated quality is an automated labeling machine’s capability of verifying correct labeling applications on the product, in the right position and with a barcode and exact and readable variable data.
In addition to applying labels, an automatic labeler machine must therefore – if equipped with suitable software and – also provide quality checks, package validation and traceability for single and multiple packaging.
Arca supplies high speed labeling solutions for all product sectors, and in Non Stop configuration; i.e. configurations that apply each label using two coordinated labelers, thanks to which no machine stop is required to replace depleted label rolls, thereby ensuring production continuity. The wide range of Arca professional labelers also includes more than one semiautomatic labeler, suitable for small productions. Arca is a global label manufacturer and label suppliers, with a broad range of labelmakers and labelers, label making machinery, designed for label companies, product label printing, label printing companies and the best label maker technology.
To satisfy the need to customize and optimally manage variable data, Arca integrates into its labelers a variety of thermal transfer printers (and direct thermal printers). These printers (or print modules) perform label print functions, allowing users to print labels that can include: barcodes or two-dimensional codes, graphics, text, progressive numbers (progressive numbering is essential for traceability and identification). The definition of barcode label printer (barcode label printing) is thus certainly restrictive. Indeed, although they are excellent printers of barcode labels (barcode printers), these tt printers can do so much more with label paper! If equipped with a sticker printer machine, an Arca professional labeler can print and apply labels in a single operation! Real time printing is also possible, i.e. printing with data that is pertinent to a specific packaging to be labeled, performed only after the specific package appears in front of the labeler and is identified. In addition, labelers equipped with print devices allow for the application of the last printed label (last label printed, first applied), that is, so-called print apply operation.
Labelers and print-apply by Arca make use of Sato and Zebra print modules. Thermal transfer printers and professional thermal printers, designed to be used on print apply labelers, guaranteeing high end market and technology performance; they are industrial printers suited to production environments; however in the case of tabletop models, also include office printers. All of these labelers of adhesive stickers are equipped with a label rewinder and can also function as simple thermal printers for labels; i.e. without transferring Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR), but activating the microencapsulated heat-sensitive ink in thermal paper. More advanced models are also simultaneously Rfid printers (Radio Frequency IDentification) capable of burning transponders from various technologies. Using an Internet connection, each thermal labeler can exploit an online printer, using the data in various company databases to speed up the composition of texts to be printed.         Label printers and sometimes known as a sticker printing machine or sticker making machine can print label on a sticker printer machine or labelwriter, using label templates. Label maker software can also be used for online labels. A zebra label printer is an ideal unit for a network label printer system with labelmakers and a label printing machine. A fine well performance sticker machine to print label as a label writer. Industrial label printers make the best label printer and printing label machine.

Sato thermal printers are the industry benchmark in terms of heat transfer printing technology (invented by Sato in the ‘80s), i.e. the transfer printing, using heat, of an ink pigment on a special ribbon (thermal transfer ribbon). While Sato still markets significant exclusive technologies today (such as the Ribbon Saver), Zebra printers instead boast of the greatest international exposure, thanks to an especially effective marketing strategy, based on the slogan “Zebra printers”. A Zebra label printer, just like a Sato printer, can be serviced anywhere in the world! Therefore, all thermal printers sold by Arca are safe and secure solutions.
The operation of print modules and barcode printers generally is facilitated by a software program designed to create labels and print labels (label print software). Creating adhesive labels means designing the format and graphics, and managing the various layouts and related variables. All professional printers are compatible with the most popular label printing programs, such as: Arca Label Printer, Sato Label Gallery (for Sato labelers), Zebra designer (for Zebra labelers), Toshiba Bar Tender, Avery Design Pro Light, Easycode Eidos, Labeljoy, Codesoft Tecklynx, Nicelabel Designer, Nicelabel Designer Pro. But in designing labels to be printed is not mandatory for users, who often make use of a limited number of fixed lay outs (which can be set and even updated by Arca), compiled with constantly variable data, often taken from the field. Arca’s product offering includes the label design program, or more simply the label print program; standard or custom software, integrated with data detection systems, with the most common management software and related databases, and complete with cloudprint, easy print and print online functions. Lastly, Arca makes available the necessary training courses aimed at learning how to print labels.
The choice of the most suitable printer for adhesive labels, or labeling printer for your needs is essential, since not all adhesive label printers are created equal. Every adhesive label printer has different qualities, and choosing the right model for your needs requires the expert advice of a professional consultant. In all cases, Sato and Zebra thermal printers are a sure bet in terms of label printer machines. Each is carefully designed, built and tested machine for adhesive labels. Sato labelers, as well as Zebra labelers, are highly versatile and perfectly industrialized. Every Zebra printer, as for every Sato thermal printer, is an absolutely reliable lable printer. Sato printers and Zebra printers are global industry leaders.
Obviously, every thermal transfer printer can work with any type of printable label, and in guaranteeing a complete service, Arca provides the best printed labels; whether labels for thermal transfer printer or labels for direct thermal printers.
Arca supplies and provides price quotes for both Sato printers and Zebra printers. Thermal transfer printers to be incorporated in label makers (O.E.M. print engines), or tabletop (desktop) without automatic application functions. Arca also sells used labelers and previously owned thermal transfer printers; all reconditioned and guaranteed. A used labeler or used thermal printer can be a viable and convenient solution for businesses and manufacturers with limited production needs. As long as it is an industrial labeling machine or high quality thermal printer, built to last in time. Even used thermal printers can still count on prompt support services and the availability of spare parts supplied by Arca; convenient adhesive and sticker printers still capable of printing millions of barcode labels, almost as good as a new, more costly electronic labeler.
Arca also designs and manufactures laser markers (marking machine), verification software, vacuum units and safety guards and protection systems; as well as true complete Laser systems. Laser cutters can be employed for engraving, laser welding and laser cutting, with a laser engraver for laser engraving, laser etching. These marking systems too can be integrated with labelers and are a valid alternative for label customization and personalization. These systems are also directly installed on production lines for the direct marking of surfaces on packaging or products. Lasermark technology effectively integrates labellling when absolute indemnity or marking on critical surfaces are required.
Inkjet thermo graphic (HP standard) is a further alternative marking technology that excels in terms of speed and ease of use. Arca supplies Wolke and Videojet inkjets, perfectly integrated in its systems or for standalone installation.
Arca provides marker systems. Expertise in thermal trasnfer printing and laser marking and ink-jet allow Arca to offer adhesive and sticker printing machines that are more than just a simple labeller. Together with a wide range of consumables (selfadhesive labels and thermal transfer ribbons) Arca machines for labeling and software, marking and identification provide a unique and complete product offering encompassing integration that ensures that Arca plays a prominent role worldwide in “Label and labellling,” which has defined Arca as the Dymo (from the dymo labelwriter 450 Dymolabelwriter) of industrial labeling.

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