All our printing plates are produced in-house, ensuring the best production process controls and absolute flexibility in planning operations. Arca makes available all conventional printing systems: flexography, lithography, screen printing, heat decorations and mixed media.  The printing plates, i.e. polymer blocks, matrices, plane and rotary frames, are manufactured in Arca’s photolithography department, using the most advanced CTP (computer to plate) processes, which adopt solvent-free environmentally friendly washing systems. Eliminating the passage through photographic film (CTF, removes the risk of mechanical deterioration while enhancing definition and guaranteeing the utmost accuracy in the positioning of images on matrices.
Moreover, with digital printing, graphic files are transferred from the Desktop Publisher (which employs advanced specialized software) directly to the printing machine, thereby speeding up the process and doing away with the costs and risks of deteriorating printing plates.  Thanks to Arca’s advanced “in house” pre-print services, flexibility is assured, with complete control over the quality of the graphic process … right from the start!

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