A complete range of self-adhesive labels and sleeves designed with all the necessary devices that make them suitable for the food & beverage sector:

– for the decoration of all types of glass and plastic vials, bottles, jars, trays
– a “no label look” for maximum transparency and product enhancement
– in eco-sustainable materials with FSC certification
– BRC-OP certification (for the U.K. large-scale retail sector)
– Striped Linerless, no label liner for 360° decorations on pans and trays
– highly efficient “open and close” solutions
– Quick Opening for easy opening of shrink wrap packages
– “water-soluble” for reusable containers after washing
– multipage (Fix-a-Form) and multilayer for information, user instructions and additional communications
– multipage, pendants and promotional Coupons
– anti-counterfeit (serialized, with security inks, holograms)
– with “tactile” indications for the blind and embossed hazard indications (Braille)
– neutral for logistics, including RFid
– desktop printers and thermal transfer ribbons for flexibly managing service labels in-house

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