RFId labels

Self-adhesive identification labels using radiofrequencies.
These labels have a built-in transponder (tag), consisting of a microchip (an integrated programmable microcircuit), complete with an antenna formed by EDM copper or aluminum or printed with conductive inks.

A significant amount of data can written onto the microchip, and depending on the type of chip, the data can easily be corrected and rewritten.
Compared to traditional barcodes, RFID technology allows for effortless data acquisition:

  • without any direct, visual or electrical contact (contactless)! Multiple packages can be identified simultaneously (recognition requires just a few milliseconds), regardless of the product feed system adopted (even if contained in boxes or pallets), greatly reducing picking times.
  • the product’s cleaning and ambient lighting conditions do not affect data acquisition.
  • depending on the power requirements of the reading/writing device, and operating frequencies used, the operating field (distance between the product and antenna on the reading/writing device) can vary from a few centimeters to about one meter.

Arca produces RFID labels that incorporate a transponder below any adhesive label, both for logistical and security functions.

Insertable chips can be either active or passive, for applications in any field of traceability, anti-tampering or identification.

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