Interpack 2014 is almost here!
Arca will be participating in the major international Dusseldorf packaging show, presenting a complete line-up of labeling and identification solutions; labelers and print apply units that stand out from the competition for their safety features and ease of use. Thanks to their solidly built frames and high quality components, Arca print apply units are suitable for any industrial context: even under the most difficult operating conditions (critical environments and large workloads), guaranteeing performance and reliability at the top end of the market. Arca will also be presenting a line of supports and applicators (for unit packaging, boxes and pallets), including the possibility of easily integrating all label customization coding and marking technologies. Arca labelers and print apply units are also available in especially efficient Non Stop configurations, and can be managed through an Inspector control unit for validation, traceability and advanced print management. Together with the print apply range, Arca will be presenting the innovative Linerplus Advanced model, which incorporates Scanmanager functions – designed to allow Arca customers to significantly increase productivity while providing safeguards against logistical mixups (e.g. critical barcode readability). In addition, and of certain interest to the logistics sector, print apply units for the labeling of pallets at high productivity (even in movement), and a Linerless print apply for efficient eco-friendly labeling, without a silicone liner. Flat labeling systems will also be on show, such as for envelopes, laid out cartons, credit cards and leaflets of all formats; both in a high level version (Card Board), and more economical version (Feeder). A unique product range that includes proposals for any and all self-adhesive labeling needs: from more economical models to top end performing solutions, providing innovation and first rate service through over 50 distributors worldwide.

Don’t miss a visit at our Booth  E47 Hall 12 and our team will be happy to welcome you.

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